The Government of the Virgin Islands regularly seeks qualified individuals to fill positions throughout the Public Service. In addition to competitive salaries, employees of the Government receive a generous benefits package, opportunities for training and development, and a stable, rewarding career. Most Public Service jobs are filled by citizens of the British Virgin Islands. In 2004 we launched BVI Quest, a programme aimed at recruiting Virgin Islanders residing abroad to return home for a career in the Public Service. Foreign nationals are recruited to posts in certain technical and specialist fields for fixed-term contracts when no qualified Virgin Islanders has been identified.

The Hiring Process

Existing vacancies are published in newspapers in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and throughout the Caribbean. We also post new vacancies on this website every week. Each vacancy notice will specify the post, department, duties, minimum requirement, and salary range for the post, as well as the closing date for applications.

Completed applications, together with all the necessary supporting documents, should be mailed or delivered to the Department of Human Resources at the address below no later than the closing date printed on the vacancy notice. If you are sending your application from overseas, we recommend using a commercial courier service to ensure it arrives on time. An email will be sent acknowledging the receipt of your application.

All complete applications will be forwarded to the respective Department´s human resource manager, who will review the applications and interview candidates. Once the Department has determines its choice for the position, this recommendation is forwarded to the Public Service Commission (PSC) via the Department of Human Resources. (For more on the Public Service Commission, visit the Who We Are page of this website). Candidates may be asked to come before the PSC for a second interview. The PSC then forwards the applications, together with its own recommendation for the post, to the Governor, who makes the final hiring decisions.

Unsuccessful applications will receive an email or letter informing them that they have not been chosen for the post.

Current Vacancies

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New vacancies are posted every week. To apply, complete the application form and submit it, along with the necessary supporting documents, to as indicated on the Vacancy Notice.

Internal Vacancies are only open to applicants who are currently employed with the Government of the Virgin Islands. Internal Vacancies are listed with "INT" at the beginning of the number, for example INT/00 of 2010. Vacancies that are not listed as internal are open to all applicants whether Internal or External.

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Post Department Closing Date
Finance & Planning Officer August 1, 2014
Statistician II August 12, 2014
Building Inspector August 15, 2014
Assistant Principal August 13, 2014
Deputy Labour Commissioner August 15, 2014
Employment Services Manager August 15, 2014
Labour Dispute Officer August 15, 2014
Chief Marine Surveyor August 15, 2014
Statistical Officer August 15, 2014
Carpenter August 15, 2014
Roads Foreman August 15, 2014
Mechanic I/II August 15, 2014
Cook August 7, 2014
Janitor August 7, 2014
Plant Operator Technician August 15, 2014
Production Technician II (Editor) August 11, 2014
Principal – Primary School August 13, 2014
Spanish Teacher Grade I/II/III August 13, 2014
English Teacher II/III/IV August 13, 2014
Mathematics Teacher Grade I/II/II August 13, 2014
History/ Social Studies Teacher Grade I/II/III August 13, 2014
Chemistry Teacher Grade I/II/III August 13, 2014
Business/ Information Technology Teacher Grade I/II/III August 13, 2014


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